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Laser Assisted Forming for Ship Building

SAIL 2003 Williamsburg VA. June 2-4

G. Dearden, S. P. Edwardson
Laser Group, Department of Engineering, The University of Liverpool,
Liverpool, L69 3GH, United Kingdom
Laser forming has become a viable process for the shaping of metallic components, as a means of rapid prototyping and of adjusting and aligning. The process is similar to the well established torch flame bending used on large sheet material in the ship building industry but a great deal more control of the final product can be achieved. This paper outlines the process and mechanisms of laser forming and reviews the potential of the process for the ship building industry. Also outlined are experimental results of high powered 2D and 3D laser forming of thick section material, the results demonstrating the potential of the process for shipbuilding in terms of accurate net shape manufacture and the secondary distortion correction process.
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