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Laser welds speed up small prototypes
Manufacturing Talk, UK
Laser system effortlessly welds many types of metal, including copper, tool steel and titanium and can make seam and spot welds while the component is hand ...


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News 2005

DISK LASERS: YAG is redefined through the diode-pumped disk laser
Many product and process ramifications are embedded in the word "disk" when referring to diode-pumped disk lasers. Their unique geometry and ability to solve the funadamental beam-quality and transmission issues usually associated with Nd:YAG rod-style lasers make disk lasers an innovative choice.

Tree felling with lasers: a big idea in 1965
reading through the first issues of Laser Focus magazine, it is amazing to see how many laser applications were being contemplated or even becoming commercially viable so soon after the development of the laser.

Laser machine creates patterns in fabric
The use of stone-washing and bleaching to create surface effects on fabrics is difficult to control and caustic.



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Industrial Laser Solutions


South Africa steps up laser material processing
With a capital investment plan in place, the National Laser Center works to transfer technology to industry and further research and development

Are excimer lasers the ultimate drillers?
Excimer lasers are gaining ground on Nd:YAG lasers in drilling ceramic coated surfaces and stacks of composite material and in opening the structure of honed cylinder surfaces

IPG installs first 17kW fiber laser
April 22 --IPG Laser has installed a 17kW fiber laser at the Test Center for Aluminum Alloy Welding at BIAS

Laserdyne launches technology trade-up program
April 5--Order for a 790 BeamDirector includes the customer trading in an older Laserdyne system

Laser maker says UK is one of hottest markets
March 7--Prima Industrie, a manufacturer of laser cutting systems, says the UK has become one of its hottest European markets


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Making Light Work (From: E4Engineering)
A £6m research project is underway to help develop next-generation transport...

Another dimension (From: E4Engineering, 25 April 2005 )
A UK research project aims to develop cost-effective multi-functional 3D miniaturised devices...

Yorkshire forward! (From: E4Engineering, 05 April 2005 )
Two UK companies recently announced plans to construct new premises at South Yorkshire's Advanced Manufacturing Park




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Laser diode bars break 400W barrier
Jenoptik pushes the output power of diodes to a new level.

Multimode lasers get brightness boost
Israeli scientists report a method for producing multimode lasers with much better beam quality.

Patent highlights
LED disinfecting lamp

Business briefs
Powerlase, the UK developer of high-power DPSS lasers, has received �7 million in its latest financing round. The company says its lasers combine high average output power and nanosecond pulses and feature energy conversion efficiencies up to double that of industry norms. The funding will allow Powerlase to expand its manufacturing operations and distribution team.